Directed by Dan Blenkharn

                         two collage

Originally performed by two actors, Ambleside Players production had a cast of 15 actors.


“TWO” written by Jim Cartwright is a play for TWO actors between them taking on the thirteen parts; Dan Blenkharn’s Ambleside Players production had a cast of fifteen plus Tizer the dog, Karaoke and also a game of Bingo in which the audience could take part. The result was a play with an original twist and which opened up opportunities for many cameo roles.


The setting of the play is a typical local pub around the corner from you! Over the course of the evening the audience were able to observe its customers and staff, including the pub’s warring landlord and landlady, an ageing womanizer a troubled man and a lost Elvis fan.


We were delighted to have gathered such a large cast and welcomed actors from Grasmere Players for this production as well as a number who were new to our group.


The Players, refreshed by the great success of “TWO,” are planning to re introduce a spring production and aim to keep up the fun by having lots of people involved. Watch this space!


From the Westmorland Gazette - By Pam Williamson

WE HAVE the tickets, we know the venue – but what is this? We appear to have walked into a pub by mistake.

But no, closer inspection reveals the imaginative directorial debut of Dan Blenkharn for Ambleside Players production of Two.

The action of Jim Cartwright’s play takes place in a busy public house with characters coming and going, talking to each other, to the audience and sometimes just to themselves, thus revealing snapshots of their lives.

Cue the transformation of the theatre into a lively evening pub complete with refreshments for sale, karaoke, and even interval bingo.


Kept on their toes by the play’s ability to veer between farce and pathos, the audience entered into the swing of things, even applauding the unscripted diversions of Tizer the dog.

Excellent cameo performances were thoroughly appreciated and introduced talented new faces in the Players.

So, to the large cast of 15 players, a dozen workers behind the scenes, a busy front of house team and sell out performances we raise a glass.