The Luvvies

program luvvies


Come and sit down and enjoy, a play that takes the mickey out of the players themselves.


Directed by Tricia Donson


This production is playing on Friday 13th & Saturday 14th of April 2012

The Luvvies in Rehearsal  

dscf4129When the local drama group enter a team at the annual  Horbridge Amateur Dramatic Society Guild's quiz night tensions arise.  Eileen runs a swear list for charity, at Shirley's sugestion, which becomes increasingly annoying.  Roger monopolises answering the quiz questions, until irritable Mike finds a section which only he can answer. Debbie brings all her ailments to the fore, with a particularly graphic description of one of them, to the disgust of all.  Patsy is stressed before the quiz starts, and Tina tries her best.  June, full of the importance of commitment in drama groups, takes the lead in trying to keep everyone in check, while the quizmaster continues the questions, oblivious to the frictions going on at their table until near to the end of the evening. Other teams meanwhile are becoming steadily drunk!


Come and find out how the team gets on at the quiz night, and whether they all still get on together at the end!


img 7773Mike - Phil Higginsimg 7831

Roger - Barry Porter

Shirley - Annie Fraser

Debbie - Esther Potts

Patsy - Stella Coxon

Tina - Sally Capewell

June - Moira Rowlinson

Eileen - Judith Shingler

Quiz Master - Andrew Saalmans