Murder Weekend 

A Comedy Written By Bettine Manktelow


A comedy thriller, ideal family entertainment


Livia, a romantic short story writer, and her husband Stan, arrive at a country hotel for a "Murder Mystery" weekend. They are joined by Patsy and her husband Ashley, and Vi and Dorothy. Each receives an anonymous "Murder Mystery" game envelope. Someone has left extra notes for Patsy and Stan exposing Livia's and Ashley's illicit affair. Next, Shelley, the chambermaid, mysteriously disappears, and intrigue and suspicion deepens when one last uninvited guest arrives ...


We will be performing this play for 3 nights over the Easter Period


17th April to 19th April, starting at 8.00pm


Tickets are £7.00 and are available from Whittakers News Agents, Ambleside or buy on line.

Review by Gwen and Steve from Sheffield

I just thought as you were kind enough to respond to my email, I'd let you know how much I and hubby enjoyed last night's performance. We weren't expecting 'in the round' (not knowing the venue, of course) but that made it all the more interesting. The front of house folk were helpful and we were able to eat at Lucy4 before hand! I wonder if they would do a 'pre-theatre' dinner?- but I suppose neither you nor they have a shortage of bookings! We'd certainly not hesitate to book when on holiday again and will recommend you to other Lake District visiting friends.  

Many thanks and Happy Easter. 

Good luck with the next 2 nights.


Stanley Wagstaff          John Coombe

Livia Wagstaff               Faye Buckley

Mrs Johnson                 Judith Shingler

Patsy McAvoy               Jenny Kynman

Ashley McAvoy              Ben Abdelnor

Dorothy Padmore          Moira Rowlinson

Violet Jenkins                Gill Dervin

Wallace Wainwright       Phil Higgins

 Shelley      Jess Smith

Rehearsals at Rufty Tuftys