Autumn production 2016

Lathered Up

By Lynn Brittney

Directed by Moira Rowlinson

Playing at the Kelsick Centre for 5 nights from

Tuesday October 25th to  Saturday October 29th

Bar Opens at 7.15pm in main hall


Watch the video - Click Here




Magenta Place, a prime time TV soap, is in trouble. Ratings have fallen like a stone and the writers can't come up with any new plots. After some advice from Natalie Thorpe, leading lady of a rival soap, Grover's Avenue, and "The World's Most Famous Northern Woman", they decide to take some action and hire Sasha Martindale, a notorious Production Consultant. Sasha turns out to be an eccentric genius, whose drastic actions turn around the fortunes of the failing soap, but not without some casualties along the way. What follows is a ratings war between the two soaps and a whole load of devious and dirty tricks – not to mention the exposure of Natalie Thorpe's long-held secret! But is all as it seems? As the Executive Producer of Magenta Place says "I'm beginning not to be able to distinguish between reality and fiction anymore." To which the seriously bonkers Sasha Martindale replies "Why would you want to, darling? Life is so much more exciting when you abandon that ability!"


Important Note - Due to the fact that this play is in the round no access will be allowed into the hall once the performance has started. Please allow ample time to park your car and aim to arrive in time for a drink.