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Ambleside Players have performed in many different venues over the years starting with the Queen’s Pavilion which was where the top end of Gaynor’s shop is now. Whilst that venue had the benefit of a stage it was also so cold and draughty that the audience used to bring hot water bottles and rugs to make their evening more comfortable. For there the Players moved the St. Anne’s Hall on the Kirkstone road. Still with a stage, the cast had the advantage of rehearsing in the hall whilst the set took shape around them. The 1950’s and 60’s saw very elaborate sets with walls, doors, windows and fireplaces. Costume dramas were favourites of both the actors and audiences and there was no shortage of backstage support for the many talented performers of all ages.
When St. Anne’s Hall was sold by the diocese in the 1980’s, Ambleside Players found themselves looking for a home once more. Ambleside Methodist Hall, the Barn theatre at Charlotte Mason College and The Lakes School all took their turn. Several productions took place at Zeffirelli’s cinema which the audience particularly enjoyed as the seats were so comfortable. Eventually, after yet more alterations to the cinema, the screen moved forward and the small stage effectively disappeared – time to move on again.
Sometime in the 1990s it was decided to try the Kelsick Centre, despite the obvious snag that there was no stage. And – who would have predicted ? It is now 2018 and we are still there. We find that we LIKE acting in the round - it has an intimacy and immediacy that is quite compelling.

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So here we are – 80 years on. Much has changed but the pleasure

members get from putting on productions remains the same as ever .